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Creative Services and Macintosh Consulting for Fredericktown and Madison County, Missouri

What's New

We're moving!! When I started doing work as MacProductive back in 2006 I intended to do as much Apple/Mac consulting and training as anything else. As time has passed the reality is that I've done far more creative work, primarily websites. To reflect that reality I'm shifting gears and giving MacProductive not just a new image but a new name: Tucker Creek Creative. I'll still be available for Apple/Mac consulting/training but will be focused more on web development and graphic design. The new digs are up as of 12/25/2013 and any new updates will be posted there. Thanks!

Creative Products: Web, Video, Presentations, and Publications

Does your business or organization have a website? If not I can build you a standards compliant website based on CSS and XHTML. Or perhaps you have an older site in need of redesign? I can help with that too. MacProductive creative products include printed publications, and presentations, and digital video which can be used by your organization to compliment your website. Annual reports, newsletters, brochures are all great communication tools I can create for you. Check out a sample of my most recent work.

FileMaker Development

I have been building FileMaker Pro databases since 2001 and can help you begin tracking your customers, inventory, business assets and more. Based on FileMaker's proven technology my custom built databases run on Windows or Macs, iPhones or iPads. FileMaker databases work great on in a network with multiple computers, over the internet, or on single devices depending on your need.

Apple consulting and education too...

Need help with your iPads or Macintosh computer(s) in your home, small business, or non-profit? MacProductive offers on-site support for all Apple devices in Fredericktown, Madison County, and the surrounding areas. I can help with set-up or troubleshooting of single computers or whole networks. I am also available for one-on-one tutoring or group workshops that will allow you to get the most out of your Mac, iPad, or any other Apple device. MacProductive's quality of support is based on 19 years of Mac experience as well as a deeply rooted enjoyment and appreciation of the Apple style.

When working with MacProductive, you always have the option of learning new skills. It's certainly not a requirement, but if you are interested in knowing more I am interested in sharing. The more you understand your Mac, the better prepared you are and that benefits the Mac community. You are always invited to sit in and have a look at what I am doing as I am doing it. You'll be more informed and that's great because it leads to a deeper enjoyment of your Mac and yes, greater productivity!

Serving Fredericktown, Marquand, Ironton, Farmington, Madison County, MO and surrounding areas.